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Jerry Smales is the CEO Of Mountaineer Plumbers, Beckley Plumbers, and several other businesses.

Our plumbing companies are subsidies of Altrucon Inc.

It all started with Altrucon Inc., the parent company.

Altrucon is a marketing and advertising company.

Then came Beckley Services. Beckley Services was made to offer our client free advertising and marketing.

Beckley Services is a business registry that lists services for free.

You can find all types of services on Beckley Services.

After operating Beckley Services, Beckley Services turned out to have a monopoly on services in all types of industries.

So we started building other websites, to compliment Beckley Services.

Beckley Plumbers exposed a huge gap in the plumbing industry.

People started calling Beckley Plumbers and haven’t stopped.

Then came Mountaineer Plumbers, we needed a name that wouldn’t put people off when they seen our ads.

Call now for fast and reliable service: 304-877-1254, or 304-923-2013.


Toilet Repair

Call Mountaineer Plumbers For Fast Toilet Repairs



Leaving your toilet clogged up can cause major damage.

The last thing you want is raw sewage flowing through your home.

An over flowing toilet can lead to huge cleaning and repair bills if not unclogged immediately.

Do not take unnecessary chances with clogged toilets.

Mountaineer Plumbers provides 24-hour emergency toilet plumbing, including repair service and replacement services to get your toilets running correctly as soon as possible.

Businesses and properties can be negatively affected if their toilets don’t operate properly.

Leaking water costs money, damages property, and can cause slippery areas.

We use only quality parts when repairing, rebuilding or replacing an existing toilet, urinal or bidet.

Call us today at 304-877-1254.


24 Hour, 7 Days A Week, Emergency Plumbing Service

Looking for toilet service? If you have clogged up toilet, and you would like a local plumber, Mountaineer Plumbers if here for you. Enjoy same day service during the week, week-end, or emergency situations when you call Mountaineer Plumbers. Our Master and Apprentice Plumbers saves you money because we match the right plumber with the right job. We have plumbers that specialize in home, business, and industrial toilets. Call our plumbers to make sure you get the best possible results for your money. Call now 304-877-1254.