Leak Detection

Jerry Smales is the CEO Of Mountaineer Plumbers, Beckley Plumbers, and several other businesses. Our plumbing companies are subsidies of Altrucon Inc. It all started with Altrucon Inc., the parent company. Altrucon is a marketing and advertising company. Then came Beckley Services. Beckley Services was made to offer our client free advertising and marketing. Beckley Services is a business registry that lists services for free. You can find all types of services on Beckley Services. After operating Beckley Services, Beckley Services turned out to have a monopoly on services in all types of industries. So we started building other websites, to compliment Beckley Services. Beckley Plumbers exposed a huge gap in the plumbing industry. People started calling Beckley Plumbers and haven’t stopped. Then came Mountaineer Plumbers, we needed a name that wouldn’t put people off when they seen our ads. Call now for fast and reliable service: 304-877-1254, or 304-923-2013.

Residential Leak Detection


Do you notice your water bill growing larger?

Do you hear water running when you’re sure all the taps are off?

You may have hidden leaks around your home that can cause serious damage and pose health hazards.

If left untreated, leaks can cause foundational damage, promote mildew growth, and more.

At Mountaineer Plumbers, we provide non-invasive, exact leak detection services to help protect your home and property from structural damage.

Our industry-leading services are backed by over 8 generations of experience.


When it comes to your home, never settle.

At Mountaineer Plumbers, we consider ourselves your partners.

We provide fast, reliable leak detection services.

When you call our experts, you can rest assured you will receive upfront pricing, cost-effective practices, and peace of mind.



    • Leak Repair


    • Gas Line Repair


    • Service Plumbing


    • Smoke Testing


    • Sewer Line Leak Repair


    • Trenchless Pipe Replacement


    • Water Line Epoxy Lining & ePipe Service


    • Slab Leak Detection


    • Sewer Odor Detection


    • Leak Detection


    • Sewer Camera Inspection


  • Drain & Sewer Pipeline Relining

Pools, Spas & Fountains

    • Leak Detection


    • Leak Repair


    • LeakVUE Services


    • Equipment Repair


  • Crack Injection

Utility Line Location

  • Utility Line Location

Cause & Origin

  • Cause & Origin / “Mystery Leaks”

Other Services

    • Irrigation


    • Infrared Leak Detection


    • Emergency Services


    • Crack Injection


  • FLO Smart Home Device


As a locally owned and operated company, we are committed to our customers.

You can expect the following from our residential leak specialists:

  • We take the time to understand their concerns and address their questions.
  • We use innovative technology and time-tested detection methods to find the root of the leak.
  • Our technicians explain the problem so you can make informed decisions about your home.
  • We offer comprehensive residential leak detection services to address a range of concerns.

Our team is here to ensure your property and investment remain protected against the potential damages that leaks can cause.

When a leak has already caused some issues, we do everything in our power to quickly and efficiently detect the problem so you can protect your home from further damage.

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Our Story

Our Team

Jerry Smales

Jerry Smales

Jerry Smales is the CEO/CMO (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Marketing Officer) of Mountaineer Plumbers. For generations, Mr. Smales family worked in the plumbing industry. His family owns and operates several plumbing, and construction companies throughout North America. 


Kala Helmick

Kala Helmick is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Mountaineer Plumbing. The mother of Mr. Smales children, and the driving force behind Mountaineer Plumbers.

Leak Detection

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is the GM (General Manager) of Mountaineer Plumbers. Mr. holds a doctoral degree in engineering and a Master Plumber. Mr. Johnson is also the go to guy when other Master Plumbers need educated with a plumbing problem.