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Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair In Beckley, West Virginia

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Kitchen Sink Garbage Disposal & Waste Removal

Kitchen sink garbage disposals are a great way to remove and reduce food waste in your home. They quickly grind up food and scraps to make them safe for your drains and remove them from your home. But what happens when your garbage disposal is not working properly?


You need to call Mountaineer Plumbers for professional garbage disposal installation and garbage disposal repair. Our same-day service can get your disposal back to new in no time. Call our office today to schedule your appointment!


Garbage Disposal Replacement and Repairs

Garbage disposals are the best sanitary option for keeping small scraps of food from rotting in your garbage can. Keeping decomposing food in your trashcan is risky when you have pets or small children. If a pet or small child ends up handling food waste, it can be a potentially dangerous situation.


You can mitigate that risk when you have a quality garbage disposal. Whether you need a garbage disposal installation or your old unit repaired, we are happy to assist you. We can help you make the best decision on which model will work best for your home.


Install a New Garbage Disposal

Installing a new garbage disposal is a little different than simply replacing an existing one. It is good to know what the process may entail. You can expect the following when you schedule an appointment for garbage disposal installation:


  1. We will first assess your sink area.
  2. With new installations, you may need an electrical outlet installed. If that is the case, Mountaineer Plumbers has a team of electricians ready to help.
  3. We will then install your unit quickly and easily.
  4. Hoover will test your garbage disposal to ensure it is working properly.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding garbage disposal repair or installation. We always schedule plumbing services around your schedule. Simply let us know what time works best so there is minimal interruption to your day.