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Mountaineer Plumbers has expertise and equipment to handle commercial and residential clogs. On this page we’ll give you some wise advise and links to repairing your clog yourself, or if you don’t want to fix it yourself, or unable to to fix it yourself, call Mountaineer Plumbers now for fast emergency drain cleaning services (when available).


Why You Should Call Mountaineer Plumbers

Unclogging a pipe can be a nasty, smelly job. Most people do not want to smell raw sewage because the smell of raw sewage mixed with hair, human waste, and other biohazards is sickening.

That’s why nobody wants to do plumbing except for plumbers, so it’s important plumbers are well paid.

How To Prevent A Clog In The First Place

It goes without saying, the best way to handle a plumbing problem is to avoid it completely and don’t put anything down your drains except water and toilet paper, but if you are brave enough to stick with me, I will basically explain how to fix your clog here yourself and provide you with a link to a more detailed explanation saving you time and money.

Hello, my name is Jerry Smales. I am one of the owners of Mountaineer Plumbers. Our plumbers and I would like to save you time and money and point you in the right direction, so below is some great advise and a link to handle your clog, but beware, going beyond using the advise below could cost you more time and money in the long run.

It’s important to understand that when you have a clog, you are very close to a nasty flood. The last thing you want is raw sewage flowing through your home, so don’t wait too long and hope it will take care of itself. It won’t. Chance’s are the clog will get worse over time. The longer you wait, the more damage could be done to your home.

How To Use A Plunger

Not all people know how to use a plunger properly, so if you don’t know how to use a plunger, then follow this link here. A plunger will solve most basic plumbing clogs.

Beyond The Plunger

If you already tried the plunger and that did not work, then again you should go ahead and call Mountaineer Plumbers to be on the safe side. Going any further risks you making the clog worse and causing more damage.

What Could Go Wrong If You Do It Yourself?

You should call a plumber immediately because if you wait too long, there’s a great chance that the “grey water” aka sewage in your toilet will end up in your sink, bathtub, and basement floor, coming up through all the drains, but if you want to give it a swirl, I will introduce you to more steps that could help you.


Figure Out If You Can Fix It Yourself Or Not

Determine what kind of clog do you have? Is it a collapsed sewer pipe, or is flushable wipes? Yes, flushable wipes will clog your drains. Determining the causes of a clog can sometimes be a difficult process. Even for master plumbers, there are a number of ways to determine the extent of the clog.

Here’s the bad news, if you have a drain clog because of a collapsed sewer pipe, the repairs could be expensive. We are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars depending on how much pipe needs replaced. The good news is if it a simple clog, no roots, or action figures in the drain, then it is not going to be quite as much but still expensive to unclog.

In most cases there’s two ways to dealing with a clog: Grab a plunger and start plunging and hope you don’t make it worse, or call the professionals at Mountaineer Plumbers. We are open 24/7/365.

Call Now 304-923-2013


What Kind Of Clog Do You Have?

Before you determine if it is better to have a professional plumber take care of your clog, you may want to ask the following questions:

When did your clog begin?


Was the clog a recent event, or has the drain slowed down over a period of time? If the drain has slowed down over a period of time, this could indicate that you have roots in your sewer pipes.

Do you have trees and or bushes in your yard? If you suspect roots, you need advanced help. Call Mountaineer Plumbers now at:



Collapsed Pipes

Has anyone been driving in your yard lately especially near your sewer pipes? This could mean you have a collapsed sewer pipe. You need advance plumbing skills to repair collapsed pipes.

If you have had any work done in your yard, there’s a chance that the new addition, storage building, pool, or trampoline has contributed to your clog. In this case, you will notice that the clog happened around the time of the work. 

If you have a clogged drain due to a collapsed sewer pipe, then you should call Mountaineer Plumbers.


Other Reasons For Frequent Drain Clogs

Putting anything other than water and toilet paper down a drain may result in the following: Several areas where drain clogs commonly occur include:

  • The fixture trap
  • The main drain
  • Sharp bends and directional changes in sub pipes
  • Sewer lines

After you locate the clog, with simple clogs, you can try these 6 home remedies:

6 easy ways to fix a clogged drain

If none of that works, you should call a qualified technician. Our local West Virginia professional plumbers have worked in the West Virginia long enough to know where to look for the drain clog and repair it.

We can even trace clogged drains all the way to the sewer line, getting the job done in the shortest time possible.


Cable (Snake) Drain Cleaning Service

More than manpower is necessary to remedy a clogged drain.

Your local plumber must wield the right equipment to get the job done.

At Mountaineer Plumbers, we use every type of drain cleaning machine, ranging from small hand snakes to drain machines capable of cleaning big sewer mains.

One of the most powerful devices in our arsenal is the cable drain cleaning machine, also known as the drain snake.

This machine clears drains and sewers by rotating a flexible cable made of piano wire through the pipe. Attachments at the end of the cable aid the process by scraping, boring, cutting and retrieving pipe blockages.

Every type of pipe blockage is different and requires knowledge of the proper size cable and the right cutting head.

Our West Virginia plumbing technicians have the specialized knowledge of the equipment to get the job done in the most effective way possible.

A water jetter is a specially designed high pressure pump that blasts away strong blockages and clears heavily clogged drains.

In many cases, Mountaineer Plumbers will use this device to clear away the drain clog so water can flow freely again.

Jetters are perhaps the most effective method for cleaning drains, though not all plumbers use them when needed. At Mountaineer Plumbers, we get the job done right, the first time, every time.


Clean Drain Cleaning Services

Even though drain cleaning is a dirty job, there is no excuse for the plumber to leave a mess in your home when performing the service.

At Mountaineer Plumbers, our goal is to respect your West Virginia home and leave it looking like we have never been there.

Our technicians keep the area clean by using floor mats and booties to protect the floors.

They also work quickly to get your water flowing through your drains again so you can get back on schedule.

When the job is done, we will leave your home like it was before we came so you can trust our West Virginia plumbers to provide the best, cleanest service in town!


Home And Business Drain Services

One of the most important functions of a commercial plumber can provide is drain cleaning, not only do we provide business owners with drain cleaning, but we also offer drain cleaning to home owners as well.

At Mountaineer Plumbers, we unclog any drain with our advanced equipment and industry experience.

We provide snake and cable drain cleaning, as well as hydrojet services to assure the best possible solution to your stopped or slow drain problem.

Our devices allow us to scour away the grease, soap and sand from any drainage system up to 12″ diameter.


Video Inspection

At Mountaineer Plumbers in West Virginia, we use the newest pipeline video inspection tools.

Inserting a camera with live feed into your commercial drain allows us to assess root and other damage.

With this non-invasive procedure, we can locate the exact source of the drain problem and fix it efficiently with minimal digging.


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